Vicky Talbot

I believe that choosing to begin therapy can be a significant and empowering step in a person’s life. Each individual is part of a multifaceted system; whether it be their partner and family, school/work environment, social relationships or community and cultural settings. Deeper understanding of oneself together with that of this unique personal context can help to facilitate change to live a more satisfying life.

Therapeutic approach

I am an advocate for holistic approaches to well being. I find that a well-rounded perspective of each client is important when change is desired. Cooperatively, the client and I work towards this deeper understanding of self and potential for growth.

Each client brings their own unique experiences, values and needs to the space, and this is fundamental in guiding the therapy. Therapeutic approaches are suited to the client and to what is brought into the confidential space. The progression of therapy is a collaborative process between myself and the client, with the client remaining the primary driver of valuable change by being actively involved in the therapy. The potential for self-awareness and ability to resolve personal difficulties is prioritized, thereby, empowering the client to meet their needs and to make choices to function in helpful, healthy and fulfilling ways.

I employ an integrated therapeutic approach in my work and I aim to create a space where the client’s personal experience, authenticity and needs are prioritized.


  • BA Psychology (UJ)
  • BA Honours Psychology (UJ)
  • Masters in Community-Based Counselling Psychology (WITS)
  • Practical training
  • My practical training includes but is not limited to:
  • Rahima Moosa Hospital
  • Emthonjeni Community Psychology Clinic (WITS)
  • Counselling and Careers Assessment Unit (WITS)
  • Houghton House Rehabilitation Centre
  • Schools (St David’s Marist Inanda, Brescia House)
  • Community outreach programmes (WITS, Sonke NPO)
  • Psychotherapy services in private practice. I work with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.