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At Laken Folster and Associates, we see the value in your staff. Research has demonstrated that staff perform better when their well-being is considered as a priority.

Our corporate wellness events are designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee wellbeing by creating an event (Run by a team of professional psychologists and educators) that promotes an organizational culture of health and wellbeing. This in turn can be seen to cultivate healthy habits among employee populations and improves health outcomes, all while increasing productivity, optimizing human resource investments and boosting employee engagement.

Employee wellness programs are different for every business, and they are often differentiated by your own business mission, vision, and values.

At Laken Folster and Associates, we value your input, and when we create a wellness day, we do so with consideration to your wellness day vision and desired outcomes.

Our wellness days are centred around four core pillars of wellness. Each of these wellness areas encompasses different tactics that can help to lift your company and its workforce:

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Mental
  • Financial

It is important to clarify that not all pillars need to be addressed at a particular wellness day. This will depend on not only your budget, but also your individual business needs.

We can assist your company in custom designing, organising and staging a wellness event.  Wellness events can be as short as 3 hours or can be a full day event, dependant on time available and budget.  We put together an event, utilizing the information received from you in terms of goal orientated outcomes, whilst sourcing third party suppliers to suit your individual needs. We also use our expertise to assess and develop a programme which will satisfy your staff and create a happy and productive environment.


Examples of Wellness Events

The following are just some examples of activities can be included in your event:

  • Various talks by qualified psychologists
  • Staff lunch (including drinks and/or soft drinks) and Tea-Time Treats
  • Kids Lunch (including drinks) and jumping castle if kids are invited
  • Self-Care Talk by a qualified and experienced Psychologist (short session or longer workshop)
  • Mug Painting activity
  • Massage therapy by qualified therapists (we bring in sufficient therapists to accommodate your staff numbers)
  • Yoga classes
  • Gladiator Ring for a bit of fun and social interaction
  • Art therapy – Dot Painting
  • Art Therapy – Origami
  • Financial Wellness/Wellbeing presentation and discussion
  • Trivia Quiz
  • Dieticians talk and Q & A session
  • Corporate culture surveys, employee wellness surveys and analysis

For more information on our wellness days, please contact Claire at