Welcome to my practice

 I hope that this website provides an effective overview of my services, myself as a therapist and my therapeutic approach. 

Since I can remember I always wanted to be a counselling psychologist. I love the fact that I get to go to work everyday doing something that I love and that I’m so passionate about. For me, being a psychologist  not only means providing a genuine and safe environment for clients to express themselves and deal with their difficulties, but it is also about being open, interested in and available to my clients.

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but about learning to dance in the rain” – Vivian Green

Therapeutic approach 

 A quality based therapeutic relationship is central to the therapeutic process. The fundamental principles upon which this relationship is based is that of unconditional positive regard, accurate empathy and genuineness. The client's own potentials are the power centre of effective therapy. Therapy assists clients to activate those self-healing potentials by assisting clients to develop an understanding of themselves, through liberating their own resources and by managing their lives more effectively.

Furthermore, I realize that different clients have different needs. There are many "brands" of psychotherapy but I begin by talking with the client to determine, in a collaborative way, the type of approach that best fits the client's needs. As a psychologist, I aim to help clients identify, develop and use resources that will make them more effective agents of change both within the sessions and within their everyday lives. 

I offer a wide range of therapeutic services where I work in an integrated manner  to meet the unique needs of each client. An environment is created where clients feel heard and understood.


Academically, I have many years of theoretical and practical training.

Academic training:

BA Psychology (UP)

BA Honours Psychology (UNISA)

Masters in Counselling Psychology (UP)

Practical training:

 My practical training includes but is not limited to:

  • Vista Clinic

  • Student Counselling Division (University of Pretoria & Tshwane University)

  • Schools (Rosina Sedibane Sport School, Trinityhouse Pre-primary, Preparatory and High school)

  • High Performance Centre (TUKS)

  • Children’s Homes (Louis Botha & Jakanranda Kinderhuis)

  • Mobieg Counselling Services

  • Part-time Lecturer at SACAP (South African College of Advanced Psychology)

  • Itsoseng Clinic Mamelodi- Trauma Counsellor and Psychometrist

I am currently working in private practice in Johannesburg, consulting for Mobieg NGO and Trinityhouse School.